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To leave the house, click the icon in the left corner to see some Dude Theft Wars MOD APK features. If you prefer bikes or a strong supercar, buy a new automobile in Duber. Everything is here, with the caveat that you must view advertisements in order to obtain the item you desire. Driving and causing accidents is more pleasurable to me than upsetting others. When the cops attack you, the story truly gets interesting. If you get 5 stars, you'll be a wanted criminal, just as in a spectacular action movie.

Pay attention to the current number of stars in the left corner of the screen; the higher the number, the greater the danger. Do not simply roam around the area engaging in activities that draw the police's attention. In Dude Theft Wars, players should keep an eye out for a few interesting addresses. You can visit the Gun Shop, Townhall, and Police Station, to name a few. Pay attention to the color; it is a distinguishing feature on the route.


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